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    Try like this



        New-NetworkAdapter-VM$_.Name -TypeVmxnet3-NetworkName$_.Portgroup -StartConnected:$false-Confirm:$false



    This assumes the CSV has the following layout




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    Good day !


    Assuming you just rebooted/restarted the vCenter server, could you please restart the vsan health service on all the ESXI hosts too? This will not impact your running VM's.


    /etc/init.d/vmware-vsan-health restart


    Did you upgrade the vCenter server and ESXI host before the ondisk upgrade? If yes which one was first upgraded. Was it vC and then ESXI?



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    Yes, this enters the BIOS setup, and from there it requires some extra keys to get to the boot menu.


    The BootDelay field, although a [long], seems to have a maximum of 10000 milliseconds.

    When that time expires, the OS will boot following the default boot order.






    $spec.BootOptions =New-ObjectVMware.Vim.VirtualMachineBootOptions

    $spec.BootOptions.BootDelay =10000




    The BootRetryDelay and the BootRetryEnabled are only used when a boot fails, not after the expiration of the BootDelay.

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  • 10/27/16--22:42: Backup and VSS Service
  • Hi toall,

    This is my "scenario":

    1) I have InstalledEsxi6,02andvCenter

    2) I have created more MV,managedfromvCenter

    3) TheMVareWindows2008R2and2012R2

    4) OnallVMwareis installed VMWare tools

    5) OnaMV (Windows2008R2) I have installedthenew Management Console ofAcronisBackup12

    6) FromthisconsoleI have added the ESXi throught vCenter without problems; I see regularlydatastoresand VM.

    TheproblembornwhenI plantheBackups,thatalways finishwiththe messagethatis successfullbutwithWarning.

    I have contacted the Acronis support,that suggest meto disable theserviceVSSoneveryMV.In fact,in this way,thebackups work fine.

    But,and this is my doubt,if I disableVSS,thatit is installed bydefaultfromVMwareTools,what is the risk? I don't like thissolution.

    Have You an Idea?

    Thank You

    Kind Regards

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    Struggled for weeks about this issue, I just found your comment an Voila... Thanks snekkalapudi is working fine now!!


    For those people facing the same issue, check this list


    * DNS PTR record must exists, also reverse DNS

    * Open Web client as Administrator@vsphere.local... Go to Administration-System Configuration-Nodes-Select your PSC node- Manage- Active Directory- And Join it to domain (OU is optional), just like a windows machine

    * Reboot PSC

    * Now add the Identity Source-- Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication)-- Use Machine Account

    * Restart browser


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    I agree with you in regards to the VSAN, but it does not have to be expensive. StarWind offers an inexpensive Virtual SAN that only requires 2-nodes, which would be perfect in this case. You can install it right on those ESXi hosts and have your data highly available. You can find more info here: StarWind Software – StarWind Virtual SAN® –

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    alexhunt86 and AdamRushUK provide correct answers for the present product behavior.


    In the upcoming release the product is going to be more intelligent about importing VMs from vSphere to vCloud Director. Specifically, we're going to do the following:


    • Prefer the VM's current datastores if they are available to the Virtual Datacenter
    • Allow flexible mapping of Disks to Storage Profiles during the import operation itself
    • Use migrate instead of Clone+Delete during VM moves


    This will allow you to adopt a Virtual Machine in to vCloud Director with the minimum amount of impact to the workload or the infrastructure.

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    I adjusted a GPO and now when I go to the web client and get to the SSO page it finds that page secure , but when I get to the web client itself it shows that as insecure, so minor success.  How do I get that page also secure?

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    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a inexpensive DAS & SAS/SATA card combination?

    This is to host a single virtual machine to do temporary backup.




    1. At least RAID 1

    2. External DAS

    3. Support 8 TB drives

    4. PCI Express card

    5. Work with VMware 5 & 6


    Thank you!

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    In the OMS I run this:


    root@viomgmt:/home/viouser# viocli deployment status

    Collector Name                      Overall Status

    ----------------------------------  ----------------

    VerifyTimeSynchronization           FAILED

    VerifyConnection                    SUCCESS

    VerifyMariaDatabaseClusterSize      SUCCESS

    VerifyDatabaseConnectionPerProcess  SUCCESS

    VerifyRunningProcess                SUCCESS


    But my NTP settings have been taken...


    root@viomgmt:/home/viouser# ntpq -p

         remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter


    *  2 u   13   64  177    0.166  -24.496  56.335

    LOCAL(0)        .LOCL.          10 l  213   64  170    0.000    0.000   0.000

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  • 10/28/16--08:14: Export di un solo file VMDK
  • Salve Ragazzi,


    Ho questo problema devo spostare 4 macchine virtuali dal server locale al CLOUD di 1&1 loro possono importare la macchina da un solo file VMDK io su alcune VPS ho diversi file VMDK come faccio a generare un solo file VMDK ?


    Saluti e grazie


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    Thanks again.  Could you please clarify me that what you mean by " insert a table in your script" ? 

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    I had the same issues during a vRealize Automation Enterprise re-installation and I solve this uninstalling "VMware vCloud Automation Center Server" from IAAS node 1.


    Hope that helps.




    Gabriel Requejo

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  • 10/28/16--08:24: VCenter 6.0 clients.xml
  • -Error parsing the server "" "clients.xml" file. Login will continue, contact your system administrator.


    For some reason this version 6.0 install comes up with this error regardless of the OS version running the client. I've tried it from Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 2012 R2. Using the VSphere client always produces this error. VCenter is running on Windows 2012 R2. There is no problem managing the ESXi hosts using the VSphere client. I've see old posts relating to .NET framework on the client, but I don't think that's the issue here. I can connect to other v6.0 installs using the same client PC (my laptop) successfully. Any ideas?

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    I upgraded to Windows 10 from a Windows 7 VM in Player. Should I now change OS type in Player's Virtual Machine's Setting Guest Operating system's version (now shown as Windows 7 x64). I don't want to mess up Microsoft's activation algorithim i.e. will it somehow change machine configuration that Windows will think OS needs to be reactivated.

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    I've been trying to understand if you create VMs as thick or thin provisioned whether it matters if you storage is going to dedupe the provisioned zeros anyways.


    We have some VMs created as thick on NetApp and some on Tintri. I've been given a list of machines that "need" to be thinned but just questioning whether that needs to be done. I don't have SSH access so would be a pain.

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    /etc/init.d/vmware-vsan-health restart


    My hosts are running, and that command doesn't exist. It *does* exist on the vCenter server, which has been restarted more than once.


    Did you upgrade the vCenter server and ESXI host before the ondisk upgrade? If yes which one was first upgraded. Was it vC and then ESXI?


    Here's how it went: I installed ESXi 6.0U2 and used one of the SSDs to 'bootstrap' the VCSA; for some reason, the download I got--thinking it was also 6.0U2--was actually 6.0GA. So when I got around to checking on the VSAN health after building out the cluster, I saw that it wasn't present (the health service, that is). After researching things a bit, I discovered what had happened and did an in-place upgrade of vCenter to 6.0U2; the hosts were (correctly) building VSAN using the v3 file system, but the vcsa was totally confused on the version; after the update to U2, the file version warning persisted on the 3 hosts.

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  • 10/28/16--08:47: Re: i want remove vsepflt
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    Hi ,

    Might point to network congestion - in order to give you some breathing space to properly identify you can increase the timeouts to help troubleshoot further


    ESXi host disconnects intermittently when heartbeats are not received by vCenter Server (1005757) | VMware KB

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